Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Olleys Armies and Steampunk Dwarfs

The Olleys Armies kickstarter goodies, the Steampunk Scrunts, arrived. I love the models. These stumpy dwarfs are with full of attitude. My original plan was to mix these with Lead Adventure Tolflings. Need to some size comparison as these are quite big. Dwarfs have big bones..


Rat catcher


For the queen!

Do it Yourself Troll

In the latest Warhammer Fantasy Battle edition you need big units. But where all those trolls when you need them? No worries, let make some thought a fellow gamer going through his armies. A wood elf king Orion was perfect fit in size. Chopping head & arms and replacing them with orc parts did the job. I wonder does he need more trolls, is Ariel next in line?

Wood elf Orion got a new Orkish head. Now he is king of trolls.


Fantasiapelit bargain basket had Cinilization board game tokens for 2 euros. These are perfect for small scale scenery projects. The plastic seem quite low quality, let's see how the paint will stick.

Civilization tokens

Megacity one?

Largest pieces are perfect for aerial combat scenery

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Trail of Cthulhu

The Trail of Cthulhu RPG continued. Great game!

American Civil War

Sami has done good job getting dudes interested in 6mm gaming in ACV period. My own for armies are still under contruction..

Jack Daniels would be proud..

The little men - hättiäiset

Austria vs France

The Napoleonic Black Powder 15mm games continued in the club.

Painting Stations

The hobby room is now cleaned at Club. It seems we are good at gathering stuff everyhere. Painting stations are for all members.

Warmachine Games

Thursday is a busy day in the Club. We run out of tables! That does not happen often in a weekday.