Saturday, 27 September 2014

Small Cactus plants

There were small cactus candles at the Tiger store. They might work in Old West game. Probably I need to add layer of diluted PVA and repaint, but these were funny looking. Could not resist and bought a few.

Base size is "tuikkukynttilä"

Challenge is to find cheap small enough plastic plants, which can be used as bushes with miniature games. The best time to buy small plastic plants is around easter. During easter there are variety of plastic grass usually available on multime department stores or hobbystores. I still have huge set of grass fields I bought from a Tiimare sale some years ago.

I always try buying from a sale and several good plants I have found from a flea market. Unfortunately Tiimari is no more with us, below some suggestions.

Store locations to find plastic plants:

From internet there are several which offer free shipping like Everest model suggested earlier by Mazikainen.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Star Wars Command

There is new Hasbro toy line with Star Wars army men. These can be relatively cheap, at least if you don't live here in Finland. They are good figure material for skirmish games. I rebased mine to metal placers.

Hobby Monday

Monday is a hobby day at the club and Juha fixed many of the small green bushes and plants.

Ghouls vs Dark elves

Monday club had Warhammer Fantasy Battle demostration game where undead faced dark elves.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Vikings Fight

Battle about who get to collect taxes.


Viking Re-enactment

There is every year a beautiful Viking village in near by island which you can reach by foot.

Helsinki Comic Festival

Huge selection of comic books and lectures. Excellent like every year!

Helsinki Comic book festival

Comic books store tent

Artist Kati Kovács interview

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Pasific War Buildings

Sarissa Precision has excellent Pasific War buildings, had to order some. First one was assembled in the Club's painting day. the additional two bridge sets are also worth the money. I used small huppy knife on all edges to make them look worn.

Painting Day at the Club

We had fun painting day at the Club and couple teams of figures also got painted. We need to have these more often.