Sunday, 31 January 2016

Talvisota - Toni Virtanen and Finland at War Book

In the Talvisota's Flames of War tournament the fair player award was the new Osprey book written and signed by Toni Wirtanen. Authors for this very interesting book are Vesa Nenye, Peter Munter, Toni Wirtanen. Available at your local bookstores and at Osprey. Many thanks Toni!

Toni and his Finland at War - The Winter War 1939-40 book.  
He also participated in the Flames of War tournament

His army looks really good on the winter table

Antenna adds character to the tanks

Sdk vehicles for fast assault

Infantry at their very detailed bases

Next we charge there

Support weapons

The village was stormed

Observers of the opposing force

Talvisota - Winners and Awards

Talvisota had a large set of Awards for winners. Tournament got support from Fantasiapelit, Games Workshop and Sotakone hobby stores.

A ton of prices for the winners

Main organizer opening the ceremony 

People gather to hear the results

Flames of War winners
Talvisota - Flames of War - Fair play award

Fantasy Battles winners, Russia won once again the Winter War.

Infinity winners

Best painted armies

130 players gamed this weekend

Winners of the biggest game categories:

Talvisota - 40k Winners

The winners of the Warhammer 40.000 Tournament.



Winner of the 40k tournament

Talvisota - Warmachine Winners

Warmachine/Hordes tournament has been played at Talvisota. The results are here.

Award seremony at Warmachine turnament  
Best painted army

Third player

Second player

The winner

Results for all 32 players

Thank you for all the players for attending Talvisota

Talvisota - Best Armies

There was voting for overall best painted army in Talvisota. In the voting there were five superbly painted armies from Infinity, Flames of War, Warmachine/Hordes, Warhammer 40.000 and Fantasy Battle. One of each game system.

In the best of the best voting every tournament player could vote on the overall best painted army. To choose one best painted army from the different games was difficult decision for the Judges. There was multiple nice armies in each tournament category. All armies were placed next to each other and during lunch time gamers could vote on on their favourite.

Unfortunately sun was coming from wrong direction to take good pictures, but great skill in all of the armies.

Best army voting

Monni's FOW army is stunning

Self made bases for the infantry

I liked this old school looking Warhammer army

Army had multiple large monsters

Green dragon colour scheme is to my taste

Best Warhammer 40.000 army

Wolves are nice conversions.

Aatu's amazing Infinity Group. He won couple years ago the best painted
Talvisota tournament Fantasy Battle army and was overall best painted
army at that time. Let's see how he manages this years voting.

Talvisota - Continued on Sunday

The Talvisota gaming tournament continued on Sunday morning. The gamers were ready to battle after some sleep.

Pictures from Sunday:

Pictures from Saturday: