Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bolt Action Games

Wednesday is the Bolt Action day at the Club. My own Germans are progressing slowly..

Hey dude, check the perimeter!

Nah, just some Brits.

Carrying some red bricks in the forest.. ;)

Happy little tankette

Italian countryside

Token Boxes

It was a funny coincidence that I accidentally found the next day I had viewed a Kickstarter video where they show sturdy plastic boxes for storing gaming pieces. See storage section on their Kickstarter.

These are available at Suomalainen kirjakauppa, for a steep Finnish 14,95 euro price/box. They have only the 4 liter box, but there are two variants available.

Really Useful Box(R) company, made in UK

This box have two sliders with square slots. Prefect!

This box have one slider various size slots.

Boat Construction

Pirate harbour needs boats. I cleaned a second rowing boat and a bit bigger ship was also cleanded of extra plastic. I had to fill some caps too, luckily you allways have GW sprues. They provive perfect filling material to diagonal holes. Today I added layer of sepia wash. Next some serious drybrushing and boats start be ready for fine details.

Cleaned boats

Many extra items were removed and holes filled with plastic.

Red/Brown base paint

Small boats..

WWII Italians

Wednesday Bolt action games at the Club featured beautifully painted Brits and Italians from fellow gamers. Below fast shots of the Italians.

Germans from the Bunker

My new bunker needs troops, so I added some color to my plastic Warlord Germans. Base color added, next details.

Ghost troops in the night

Monday, 25 August 2014

Small Pirate Harbour

The first toy boat was cleaned and a small harbour was built. I also clued the palm trees to bases.

Clueing the trees

Small boat, see below after I have removed extra bits.

Boat after cleaning.


Big grill sticks in proper use

I am very happy about the modular harbour

Bigger ship waiting to be tuned.

German Bunger

The construction of the bunger is proceeding like planned. The atlantic wall will be unprenetraple. British troop must forget their flamer throwers..

Bunker clued to a base

I used plasticard to fill holes. Look better now

Added sand

Top does not fit perfectly

Gray base coat, next wethering.

Advanced Squad Leader

There was cool a Advanced Squad Leader tournament in the club. The amount of tokens is wonderful  and the tournament price was clever, you allways need an axe.

Training the Roman Cavalry

Another find was a hard cover book about roman cavalry training from a used book store. I haven't yet read it, but pictures and text with lot of references looks promising.


Pirate Loot

The flea market pirate jackpot. I found a second set of small ships and boats. Box includes nice palm trees and treasure chests. All this for 3 euros. I have 5 years ago bought a same set and the quality of plastic is good. My pirate island gaming board has 10 of these pam trees already painted. I believe I have found those plam trees which I like a lot on a flea market back in a day.