Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year

Happy new year!

There was quite lot of board gaming, travelling, building of scenery and models. I might have painted something too but looking back year was once again more about building. Now I have the games I want to have. Especially on board games I already decided that Imperial Assault should be last game I invest, but it will be difficult to resist Star Wars Imperial Armada game released soon.. maybe this new year I lay back a bit on exploring on totally new games. Maybe extent some settings like Vietnam and Kongostan.

You might have noticed blog has had less posts than previous years. One factor likely is that summer was so great that I did not want spent time inside. But 300 posts was reached. The more, the merrier.
Thank you for reading my rumblings. Game on!

Imperial Space wolf with his lady friends says happy new year!

Best Xmas Present

I got a really cool xmas present from a fellow club member. I have had pleasure to playtest the Heist rules Maxxon has created. I really like the ruleset, perfect for some police or swat action. Or if you are the robber type, robbing the banks and trying the get away in a gunfight.

Thank you! Osprey should publish these next :)

What could this innocent present contain?

Prited the Heist rules, man what a excellent suprise!

Rules are nicely layed out, pleasure to read.

Gift wrap hits the sweet spot.

Imperial Assault - Map One

Star Wars themed Imprial Assault is new game from Fantasy Flight Games utilizing the Descent second edition rules. There are differences but basic game play is similar. Star wars is cool and best part is now I can field my old Star Wars miniatures pre-painted figures that I have been hoarding from discount sales.

After tutorial we played the first campaign map, it was much easier for heroes than the tutorial. They had learned how to use blast attack and after good rolling they had gained upper hand on first round. But they were to learn the reforcements game role, where Imperial troops get help. This put once again them pressure, but Heros easily won on round 5. Map lasts maximum 6 rounds.

Heroes inter Imperial compound

Their mission is to silence radios

Storm troopers try to protect the radios.

Last radio destroyed

Heroes won!

Imperial Assault - Tutorial

This was one of the games I have been waiting as it has been dun to play Descent. Game hit gamestore shelves just before the Xmas. We played tutorial twice on the Christmas day evening and the first map of the campaign.

Great fun, it was also interesting to explaing a miniatures board game which is relatively complex to new players who haven't played anything like it before.

Tutorial seems to be very difficult to newbies, I suggest you play it twice like we did to get hang of the rules. One big difference to Descent is that Heroes and Imperial follow you go, I go type of mechanism. This seemed to make game even more chess like where heroes really needed to plan their moves as tutorial is really difficult to them if they want to win against experienced overlord.

Thank you for the games!

Imperial Assault

Browsing the rules while we learn the game

In first Heros attacked the Imperial forces and it seemd bad tactics.
 Imperial forces won the first tutorial game.

On the second tutorial game heroes took more defensive approach.

It proved better strategy, but reguired careful planning who goes first.

Wookie kills the last Imperial trooper and heroes won the 2nd tutorial trial.

Clash of Clans

I have been playing Clash of Clans for couple years occasionally when waiting something during painting sessions or travelling in public transport. For the past year my focus was to build all skull walls and have all defence buildings finished. You know, man needs to farm. It took a long time but now it was time see what happens if I move the HQ back inside walls. In few days I have climbed from 1400 to 2290 points. I haven't done any attack, this is all from defence wins.

It is satisfacting see how enemies fail their attacks. They all seem to attack lower bottom where I have placed three tesla coils. I have won about 5 out 6 defences, lets see how long I can farm this way. Feel free to join our TuntiTurpaan clan, place to rest your not-so-active village.

Base with 2290 points

Enemy needs to get 50% to win

2290 points is my record so far.

Xmas Market

There was several big handcrafts Christmas markets in mid December. We to see them with a friend. I love the wooded items, the re-used toy animals and toy soldiers where funny too.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Call of Duty Legos

Found these pretty cool Megabloks "legos", perfect for some Force on Force action. Now I know what I want for Holiday present. 

Lego Humvee, a must.

Done station

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Infinity Games

There was also Infinity Game on Wednesday at the Club. Crowded but always cool to hang with fellow gamers.

Bolt Action Games

Bolt Action games in Wednesdays at the Club are fun to watch.

Descent Game 6

The Descent campaign had entered the II episode phase. Game seemed pretty difficult for heroes, but in the end they had chances. But Overlord was victorius, of course.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Games

Second game of Wednesday at the Club, Skaven vs Wood Elves.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

There was couple Warhammer games last Wednesday at the Club. Empire vs Chaos Dwarfs.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


I were few days in Bryssels in December. Hadchance to visit toy and figurines museums.

Evening walk at Bryssels

Old market


Church near my hotel

Andre Jeux game store, it was full of stuff.

Shopping mall

Famous pissing boy statue

Chocolate shop

Christmas market

It was getting quite crowded in the market

Park in the morning

Delivery of some bread

On my way to Comic strip museum

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