Monday, 31 August 2015

Armstreet Gauntlets

These are pretty cool gauntlets. I did a trial purchase from I am quite happy with the delivery. Well packaged and nice cotton pack included. These are built to your measurements. Stainless steel with etching makes gauntlets beautiful work of art.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Comic Book Festifal

The yearly Comic book festival was this weekend at Helsinki Kamppi. Fun to visit, but not for your wallet.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament

This weekend there was a Fantasy Battle at the Club.

Zombicide Status

Heroes are learning how to play. Ultrared all-over.

Zombicide - Game 3

Zombicide games continued.

Zombicide - Game 2

Zombicide has been fun, more games played.

Dropzone Commander Game

Dropzone Commander Game at the Club. Exciting city table with bus stops and buses.

Deus Vult Games

Deus Vult game at the Club.

Infinity Games

Infinity games at the Club.

Flea Market Day

Couple years there is a flea market day when all parks are full of sellers. Got a few good bargains, like 1 euro bobble head Yoda and couple board games.

Warmachine Games

Warmachine game at the Club.