Thursday, 30 July 2015

Star Wars - Endor Ladders

The ladders were added to the first tree and rest of them got railing too. Next step is to make more platforms around the trees.

How to Make Rope Ladders

Making rope ladders is easy. Find suitable material and PVA glue. I used Flax (pellava) cord.

Tape two long strings to a stick where you have drawn the
positions. Or just use a measuring stick itself as base.
I have found this good old stick to be convenient.

Glue ropes. Note I cut the ropes in correct lenght in advance and
 used PVA glue to secure both ends. This also makes
 them more sturdy to handle during clueing.

Let it dry and add second layer of a bit watered down PVA glue to all joints.
This makes it stronger for gaming.

Perfect ladders which were relatively fast to make.

Zombicide Survivor Status

We plan to continue with these characters in our next game. We added one house rule, you can use ultrared weapons already in orange level. We will see how they perform in next map.

Zombicide Game

Zombicide game got a bit slow statrt as we had forgotten the basic rules and when added the expansions we had to check about new zombie rules. Game was still lot of fun! Big map and we survived.

Star Wars - Endor Railing

First tree's platforms got railing.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Raging Heroes Arrived

It has been quite long wait but the Raging Heroes minitures arrived. I took bulk delivery with all heroes in metal, troopers are resin. One kilo of goodness.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fallout Shelter - Super Mutant Master

Fighting a super mutant master seemed bad idea. I guess I have now seen everything Fallout shelter has to offer.

Reaper Bones at Fantasiapelit

Now there is a quite nice selection of Reaper Bones figures at their Helsinki store.

Star Wars - Endor Platforms

I found two more trees, this time a bit smaller ones which are perfect for the Endor gaming table. Now I have enough big trees. I finished the round platform and added railing poles. Next step is to add ropes.

Pasific War Gun-Pits

I found from a local aqvarium shop great looking gun-pits for Pasific war games. I added there a wooden platform. One more reason to drink afternoon tea, to get more tea stirring sticks.

In pictures they look a bit big in coparison to soldiers but after you add some leaves around the gun-pits they bend into gaming table.

Small Trees

My small trees got watered down PVA glue dipping. Now they will survive better in gaming.