Thursday, 12 February 2015

Pirate Ship - Sails

The sails are now ready to be attached into masts. Monday task was to add small rope on top of the sail and drill hole in masts for a wire to hold sails.  Next I will need to figure out how to add ropes, they look bit funny without ropes to hold them firmly in right place. Middle mast is also in wrong angle, should be on 89 degrees.

Tampere Harraste

When you visit Tampere, you need to stop by at the Harraste. Good old fashioned hobby store with excellent collection of plastic model construction sets and variety of wooden ships.

Gift from Tampere Puolenkuun pelit

Club recieved old paints for scenery projects from Puolenkuun pelit. They are stored in the drawer. Feel free to use. Add water, some of them might be a bit thick :)

Club Membership Cards

I found excellent sleeves from Claes Ohlson. All I had to do was print cards on paper and cut them. Precut plastic sleeves were business card sized. This speeded up the process of creating cards. Last year we were using A4 sheets of plastic.. pain to cut 60 cards.

Terracotta Army

There was a fun looking Terracotta Army near the Kamppi. Looks better at night than in pictures.

Infinity Game 1

Infinity games running all day long.

Infinity Game 2

Infinity is popular at the Club.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle games

The Warhammer Fantasy Battle game between Chaos and Lizardmen was really entertaining.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Winter War Tournament

This was second year the Winter War tournament was held. There was plenty of games played during the weekend in Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Infinity, Flames of War and Warmachine/Hordes tournaments. Thank you for the players and all the organisers and helpers.

Pictures from the tournaments:

Winterwar - Best Painted Armies

This year one best painted army of each game system were voted by the all tournament participants. The preselection was done by club's grand old paint meister. It was a bit difficult to take pictures when you have bright window next but these werre all really stunning armies. Warhammer Lizardmen won just by one vote over the extremely detailed Flames of War army. The infinity and Hordes armies were real eye candy too.