Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Protector of the Scenery

Space wolf appreciates good gaming scenery.. Do not put yor hand under the gaming table without checking it out from a distance.

He also seems to like licking the Endor Cork trees. First time he has ever tried to taste any of my gaming stuff. Mayby I need switch back to plastics and other nonreal materials..

Thou shall not take these. My precious.

Star Wars Endor Big Trees

Endor needs big trees. Got more cork trunks from the local aquarium shop. Would like to get some more, but selection seems to be pretty nonexistent. After visiting 5 different aquarium shops, only one had these round ones. And the longer ones are even more difficult to find.

I did some fast tests with the second platform level. I will clue it from tooth picks as I want it to have uneven edges, but here I used bamboo table tablet to test the width of the ramps. Bamboo table is easy to cut with scissors. And it was faster, or pretty much only method as I am still out of tooth picks..

Besides gaming the bonus side using cork, if I ever get some lizards they will have fun in Endor forest :)

Bolt Action Hobby Day

Last week there was a Bold Action Normandy bulding construction hobby day at the Club. With the help of a happy growd fantactic looking buildings finish fast.


Flames of War Games

Flames of War gaming day has moved to Mondays at the Club. There was three games running on last Monday, fun to see new players.

Star Wars Endor Platforms

I continued building the Endor themed Star Wars gaming table. I clued together more ramps which will connect trees and the first big tree got a platform. It took a while to clue the platform, it was slower as expected to make round platform. There will be a slight delay as I seem to have  run out of of tooth picks. I have now used 500 or 1000 tooth picks, dont remember the pack size.. Need to fetch more so that I can buld the second platform higher.

My idea is that there will be platforms in two levels. Pictures below shows the first level. I also ordered 80 small pine trees from China.

Fixing the Buildings

Newest member at the Club while waiting his miniatures's base paint to dry fixed some of the Club's old buildings from 1990's. Great job!

Reinforcings the walls

Can you spot the one new tile added?

Hobby Monday

Week ago I clued together couple Airfix 1:48 quad bikes.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ropecon 2015 in Pictures

Ropecon 2015 is over and this was last time it was in Dipoli, Espoo. Next year it will be held at Messukeskus, Helsinki. Here is a summary in pictures, I guess this was my around 15th time there.

Ropecon in Espoo


Side entrance whic was used only for goods transport

Dipoli has pretty wierd architecture, no 90 degree corners at all.

Sword fighting shows, afterwards visitors could try too.

Nice sunny weather

Great costumes

Blackmsmiths and food trucks

Warhammer tournament

Glorious battles and finely painted miniatures

Drop-in station and painting teaching

Board games

People waking in early monings

My little building as tournament scenenry.
 It has survived 20 years of gaming. If I remember correctly
this one was build around 1994-1996.

My job this year was pretty much rouding stuff.

More sorted pictures below. There is much to see and do, a selection what I managed to check out this year.