Sunday, 17 April 2016

Model Expo - Sunday

Model Expo pictures from Sunday. I am a bit tired after three days of chatting but a fun weekend. Sunday was also the day to hunt last day bargains. Fun to meet Puolenkuun pelit guys, they had a busy day at their painting desks.

Pictures from Sunday:

Model Expo - Star Wars

More pictures from the Star Wars nordic garrison booth.

Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

Marko's Chaos Dwarf blood bowl team. Hobgoblins are from kinder Happy feet penguins, Snowmen are from Copplestone Castings and Bullcentaurus are plastic toys and happy feet penguins.

Model Expo - Nopat Booth on Sunday

Pictures from Sunday. Thank you for all the visitors, we had a great weekend!

Model Expo - Bolt Action Demo

Bolt Action demo game had cool lights.

Model Expo - Fallout

Fallout 3D printed helmet.

Model Expo - Warhammer 40k Tournament

Warhammer 40.000 tournament pictures from Model Expo.

Model Expo - IPMS Models

More pictures of the model. Vehicle, diorama and dollhouse winners.