Friday, 30 May 2014

Bolt Action Game Day

The was a large Bolt Action game day in the Club. Two tables gathered 6 players. And games are continuing in the forthcoming weeks :)

Descent Campaign Status

Heroes have good a selection of weapons. Few of them have weapons of mass destruction. Blast is deadly to Overlords monsters.

Descent Game 6

Descent campaign continued and heroes were victorius. Overlord had good start but three misses in a row probably turned the game for heroes. Stalker is pretty tought, he dealt 20+ damage single handedly, pretty much taking down the Overlords lieutenant in one round.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Too hot day, got too much sun..

I hope winter arrives soon..

Ice Breaker Urho

It is once again summer time and time to see what there is around. First visit was to Ice Breaker Urho. Pretty cool with 5 engines. Build in 1975. Engines look like ones in german U-boats..

Force on Force Game Day

It was really fun to once again play Force on Force. Three gamers with three different objectives, I had with allied forces a great start but it did not help. I did not get any points when my mission failed. Opposing forces causes two severy casualties which prevended allies from running. This second but last round accident turned the tide.