Monday, 16 March 2015

Star Wars Hoth

Inventoring figures for Hoth display. We are planning have Starwars themes display board at ModelExpo once again this year. Hoth sounded fun, and together with Marko we have enough AT-AT and AT-ST walkers to field a large table.

Marching for glory of the Empire

Troops landing on Hoth

Rebel scum

Fire! Defend the retreat from Echo Base.

Bolt Action Game day

There was fun Bolt Action game day at the Club. Great to meet new players!

Several games were played on Saturday. Few pictures:

Bolt Action Game 1

German mansion..

Bolt Action Game 2

Winter War

Bolt Action Game 3

Saving private Ryan.

Bolt Action Game 4

Bolt Action in the Pasific

Saga Crusaders

The teutonic order tried to invade the far east in the club. Saga looks really fun game!

Airfix British 1:48

Airfix has been lately producing multiple new sets, the lastest ones I spotted are Afganistan themed British troops. They are inn 1:48 scale, compatible for miniatures games.

I like them a lot, even though there was quite lot mold lines which needed cleaning. Other wierd thing is that Vihicle rides set fugures seem to be bigger than infantry patrol. I need to re-measure after both are clued. Price was also sweet, 2 quad bikes 14 euros and infantry set 10 euros. You need to glue head, hands, backpack and weapon like with all today's plastic miniatures.