Sunday, 26 October 2014

Vienna Sightseeing

I was on a short trip to Vienna, but with some pre-planning I was able add several museums into my schedule. Luckily one of the meeting events was held at the Art history museum.

Google is your friend. I could find information about the best historical museums and miniature shops in advance. The advice on the Miniatures Pages was really helpful. Otherwise it would have been impossile to visit so many places, but sometimes your are lucky as I found the Rome museum accidentally while walking to city center.

Vienna is great place to visit, this was my second time there. My favourites are the Art museum, Armour museum and Military history museum.

Hofburg castle is a big tourist attraction

Main shopping street in the early evening

Horse carriages

Vienna Opera

Vienna had moat around the city, now the moat is
 tram lines and cirle road around the city center.

It was really sunny with +20 in October

Danube river

Famous church, St Stephens cathedral

They probably run out of money
as this tower is not finished.

Home of Mozart the composer.

Figlmuller restaurant

The Biggest Wienersnitzels in town

You might need to reserve seat in advance,
 there was constant queue people coming in.

Toy car shop..

Last surviving gate of the old wall.

Shopping street once again.

St Stephens Cathedral, finished tover


Another old Church

Baroque building

Big Ferris Wheel build in 1937

Fastly shorted photos of Vienna:

Wien - Armour Museum

The armour museum in Vienna is located in the museum area near city center. Next to it are the natural history museum and art history museum. These three are must visits.

You can guess I love history and armours :)