Monday, 10 November 2014

Moisture Vaporator Workshop

It was so much fun to play Star Wars once again, that I wanted to built some scenery to match the theme. I had already been thinking to built Tatooine moisture vaporators, but when I saw wooden pearls at he local hoppy store I knew I had found the perfect material.

Wooden pearls, barbeque sticks, 1mm wire, spacers, tooth picks, paper, PVA glue and 1mm electric drill. All you need to have a moisture vaporator factory. The big pack of pearls were 8 euros. Another shop had them for 5 euros.. maybe it was a bit smaller pack. Anyway I have now plenty material for new inventions.

Drilling was faster than I expected and wood was great material. The pearls fit nicely to the barbeque stick and at the end I clued tooth pick with small paper for panels. Be sure to let the glue to dry before you drill.

54mm figure a a scale. These will work also with 24mm figures.

Club's pre-Xmas party

Traditional Club's pre-Xmas party was held in a wonderful sauna. Place full of gamers, beer and snacks. Luckily there was a possibility to play Marko's stunning Star Wars game. The rebel heroes were the first ones to die. I cruized with my AT-AT and killed more rebel scum, but they were unfortunate to survive and won the game.

Hobby Sunday

Couple weeks ago Infinity players were painting scenery and I continued to clean my 54mm Star Wars troops. A careful reader will spot that my posts are not in cronological order, these have already been base coated earlier..

Car spotted near the Club

Too much gaming? :)

Infinity Game Day

There is a very active Infinity game day on Sundays at the Club. Painting and gaming in good company.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Warhammer Fantasy battle games day at the Club. Few shots below.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Pirate Game 3

Third Pirate game was played near temple ruins deep in the jungle. But for some reason I don't have any pictures of it. My own game was so hectic that forgot to take pictures.

I had also a change to play the Pirate ship table later on. It was amazing experience and with beginners luck I pretty much looted everyting and caused severy boat damage to the enemy. When he accidentally blew his own cannon, game was set for my easy victory. Thank you for the great game!