Sunday, 29 November 2015

Tracon Hitpoint

Tracon Hitpoint is this weekend at Tampere. Playing with friends, great way spending a Saturday evening.

Tracon Hitpoint was in a school near railway station, easy access.

People getting in and checking out the games

Card games..

Opening seremony

Board games to borrow

Role playing games



Overall verdict, fun event!

More pictures:

Tracon - Strange Eons

This game was my favourite. Fun looking participation game in a great dungeon. Heroes killed themselves with dynamite, jumping. You should know a dwarf in plate mail does not jump in to sewer from a legde and survive. Several characters tried heroic leaps but failed misarably, rolling 1 is bad for your health. Yes, heroes lost the game. Excellent entertainment, Thank you Tampereen Taktiikkapelaajat!