Monday, 22 February 2016


I had a couple day trip to Barcelona. Like previously with googling and nice advice from a friendly traveller during flight I had good idea what I wanted to see. It was lot of running, my legs still hurt this morning. Well I pretty much walked 12 hours yesterday, just few times resting in Metro or cafe.

I had planned my Friday evening a bit better, I might have been able to sqeesh in a militaria store, natural history museum and the parlament. Next time then. Yes most of sites I visited on Saturday. Waking up in 8 o'clock, seightseeing before anything opens and back at hotel at 22:00 :)

Barcelona has at least 4 gaming stores, 4 model train stores and a model shop. Quite nice place to do shopping besides buying clothes.. Barcelona is my kind of city, a lot to see: city, beach, hobby stores and long history.

Weather was nice +5, on Saturday +10 something, perfect for me as I don´t like too warm..

Sorted pictures:

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Flying over Alps

Flew today back from Barcelona. The sky was clear and had amazing view over the Alps.