Sunday, 18 January 2015

Pirate Game 1

After playing the snaking scenario where pirates had to run for their boats, we changed sides and now it was time for Navy to run through the city. Same happened as in the first game Pirate sentry spotted Navy in the first round. All Pirates started shooting and with good marksmanship in three rounds the Navy captain surrended.

I have been kind of Lucky in this Campaing. I have lost only one Cutthroat, while I have been able to recruit crew of 30 pirates. 3 or 4 of my cutthroats have been promoted to Heroes. The crew includes also hired hands master gunner, Navicator, Buccaneer and Walton Wentch.

Pirate town

Pirates running after Navy sailors behind palm tree

Navy captain against 4 pirates.. he decided to surrender

Pirate town is safe, 2 Navy sailors lost their lives.

Pirate town is safe.

Pirate Game 2

Pirate game against Marko's British Navy was a challenging battle. His sentries found my sneaking pirates in the first round and after running away for 7 rouns I decided to fight back.

I has really bad dice luck, Only one round when I charged into battle I was able took out some Navy men, but then Marko grinded even my Captain, who lost hand weapons. You should not hit Chinese lady pirate captain. She is angry now.

Chinese pirates Transporting Scottish ale.

Navy town

Pirates must sneak unnoticed to the other side, jumping to their boats.

Sneaking behind a bulding

Sentry Captain sees them, alert!

Retreating the right

Navy men shoot.

Run men run..

Navy on both sides, new tacktic. Lets move back and kill following sailors


In the fisrt round 2 sailors die. Maybe my luck changes?

Navy Captain rallies the rest of Navy

Looks bad for Pirates

Argh, Chinese Lady pirate is wounded.. losing the game.

Pirate Game 3

There was Pirate Campaign games on Satur day at the Club. Sami's crew has found the treasure and they will be hunted in the last final game.

Thanks for organizing.

Flames of War megagame

The traditional New year Flames of War megagame was helt at the Club first weekend of this year. Pretty growded battlefield.

Bunker Picture

The new Bunkers built by Nojis are really cool. I took a phote using Juha's marines, who have won the bunker and are firing from the back door.

Bolt Action Game 1

Balction game where Japanese fought victoriusly US marines. Marines tried to storm 3 bunkers, but they got one. The bunker in the middle saw the bloodiest battle ever. Only single marine went back home.