Saturday, 26 April 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament

There was fantastic tournament at the Club with ETC rules. Some pictures below.

Blood Bowl Ogre Team

I have been looking small cheap Muumi figures to build Blood Bowl Orge team. Finally I stumbld upon a funny looking figures. These are so small they might be better pygmies or dwarfs.

Just some war paint and the will be perfect :)

The Heist

The Heist campaing continued in a blocked high way and near by building.

Store next to high way

Crashed truck blocked the traffic.

Let me have some water

Shopping fenzy, need more cash

How was your weekend?

Descent Game 5

In the Descent campaign heroes chose the map. It was balanced and great fun. Heroes almost won as they easily secured first part of the map. In the second part overlord card saved in the critical  moment and heroes need to lick their wounds.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Vietnam Patrol Boat, part 2

The patrol boat was painted today, I am very happy how the result look like. It is a bit more grayish than the picture which has more blue tones.

I used very fast painting method. First gray spray undercoat, watered down gryphonne sepia and dry brushing with stone gray. Especially the cabin looks perfect. The board was more problematic, after sepia wash I decided to use watered down german grey. It was too dark, so drybrushed with london gray. The finished board looks like the boat has seen lot of action.

Great piece for my Vietnam collection. Did I mention I found in Model Expo a bargain 10 euro Huey helicopter, prepainted in 1:48 scale, the cavalry is here too.

Finished patrol boat

Gray undercoat

The cabin is perfect, I left out the clear plastic windows.

The board painted with german gray

Dry brush with london gray

Comparison, mine is more grayish

Added the decals

Couple decals in the back

Hobby Monday

New Infinity buldings are coming together fast. Futuristic scifi look without no skulls :)

Warmachine Game Day

The was an active Warmachine game day today at the Club. Dudes were  testing new army lists.