Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Force on Force game presentation at Ropecon 2012

Ropecon is Finland's biggest roleplaying convention, with more than 3 700 visitors each year. Ropecon offers a variety of events and activities covering the width and breadth of the hobby gaming field, including tabletop and live action roleplaying games, board games, miniatures and collectible card games. In addition the convention offers a selection of lectures and workshops, dance balls, boffer tournament and bunch of other program. The convention name comes from Finnish words RooliPeli Convention which translates to Role Playing Convention.

Ropecon 2012 was held July 27th-29th at the Dipoli Convention centre in Espoo near Helsinki.  

Our Nopat ja Taktiikka game club's active Force and Force players wanted to demo the game. We started planning a participation game about 2 months before the event and soon we had a good plan what we wanted to do. We partnered with our fellow gamers from War Head blog who also do painting commissions. Persons for preparation tasks were named and pre-action started fluently. I must mention the superb banner which War Head graphical wizards created. We ordered a rollup using the banner image and it arrived two days before the convention.

Ambush Alley Games was very supportative and sent us dog tags and other material to be handed out.

Force on Force demogame

Well planned is almost done. I prepared some food for the Friday.
 You don't built the Force on Force gaming booth without supplies.
Water was needed as weather was really hot, the weekend had
 the hottest days this summer in Finland.

The miniatures games are held at the second floor of the
Dipoli Convention center. Here are some photos before
 the convention doors were opened.

There is plenty of room and tables for multiple
tournaments and demostration games.

Our stand was located between the miniatures hall and board
gaming hall. An excellent location as people could easily stop
 at the booth while walking between the halls.

Friday was reserved for building the stand. Our friend
lent a van and everything was transported swiftly.

Setting up the display cabinet.

1:1 figure, he was named Bruce and gathered lot of
 attention during the convention. You know every
 stand has to have a dude stopping people.

Bruce in 1:6 scale was in display cabinet

Display cabinet full of miniatures.

First level had 28mm miniatures and vehicles besides the mini Bruce.

Second level displayed superbly painted miniatures by War Head guys.

Their skill was visible also on the third level.

At the bottom we had 40mm moderns and 1:6 scale figures box.

The stand was ready, but we were still waiting for the
 table cloth which was accidentally taken by a fellow gamer
to be used as stuffing for his miniatures box a day before.

People started pouring in.

We got the table cloth back few minutes before
 the doors opened and everything was ready.

Close up of the gaming table.

We had table space presenting the Force on Force game books and flyers.

It got crowded soon.

Booth got well deserved attention. While Juha and me where
 gamemastering Teemu and Eric were talking to people and
showing the rule books. Hese had task to document and
 photograph. Sun was shining hot through the window and
 it was somewhat difficult to take good pictures.

It was good plan to have two game masters, one for both sides.

A convention visitor found his mate?

We had multiple players at the same time and plenty of  spectators.

Juha explaining the rules while holding coffee.

We had previously ordered brown t-shirts with Nopat ja Taktiikka
club text. In the front it had also the game master's name.
The t-shirt color was spot on the with the other gear. 

Players had time to view the rule books and ask questions.
 We met many modellers and board gamers who were not
 familiar with miniatures games in a Modern setting.

We played 6 official games on Saturday each taking about 1.5 hours.

And two demo games at Friday-Saturday night for our friends.

Eric showing the rule books for visitors.

Action in the gaming field.

US Forces almost succeeding in the mission.
The just did not spot the enemy on the roof.

Teemu checking the line of sight.

Saturday was a hectic day, US forces lost all 6 of the demo games.

They were almost able to save the contractors,
but the resistance was too strong.

On Sunday the tide turned and the US forces won all the games
 played. Compared to the Saturday resistance got much less
reserves. Or maybe the convention players has learned from
 Saturdays games and had improved their tactics.

Even Boba Fett was impressed with the booth.

In the game US forces had 6 rounds time to rescue contractors
 from a hostile city. Usually the tactic players used
was that the first team run to the contractors.

Second team advancing along the road and securing the passage.

Third team in overwatch on the roof. An enemy sneaking behind with RPG.

Enemy force was relying on their reserves.

Juha's nicely painted US troops.

Hostiles hiding behind a building.

Random encounters varied the games and created fun game play.

On Sunday 3 more official demo games were helt and  one game for
 friends. That was lot of gaming in total and we estimated over 40
people played the official demo game during the weekend. People
 enjoyed the weekend with us and we got extremely positive
feedback from the Ropecon convention organisers.

 Three days of convention was taking a toll. Teemu taking
a nap while clearing the cabinet. It was time to head home.

That's all folks, see you next year!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Maajussin pellot

Uusista matoista päästiin tänään kerhon hyvillä saksilla leikkelemään peltoja. Alla kuvia illan viljelyn tuloksista. Kerholla nääs kasvaa vehnä pelto muutamassa minuutissa.. Samaan aikaan kerholla oli käynnissä lukuisia eri pelejä.  

Kynnysmatto leikelty osiin. Suosittelen rakennusmiehille
 tarkoitettuja kunnon saksia.

Huomaa täydellinen pilkkomistaktiikka, 60x90 matosta tehtiin
 mainiosti toisiinsa sopivia paloja. 20x20, 20x14 ja 14x10cm koolla.

Reunat maalattiin ruskealla.

Valmsi pelto. Nämä oli helppo tehdä ja onnistuivat mielestäni hyvin.

Kynnysmattoa saa Ikeasta nimellä Trampa 9,95e /kpl

Toiset pellot tehtiin ruohomatosta. Siitä irtosi mielenkiintoinen
 määrä irtoruohoa muihin askarteluihin.

Pelloksi siitä ei oikein ollut, mutta soiseen
maaston saatiin hauskoja ruohomättäitä.

Mattopilkkointui kivasti saksilla, joskin musta
 pohja värjäsi kädet varsin mustiksi puuhassa.