Tuesday, 22 September 2015

How to Build Endor

Here are instructions how to build the Endor Tree Platforms as they will fit only in a certain way. Every item has a red number or letter in the bottom. Trees have a number and platforms have a letter indicator.

Arrange trees as in this picture, start with number one.
Place smaller pine threes in groups of 3, they look better that way
and there is room to manouver miniatures.

First platform with letter A goes into tree 1.
See the longer end of sticks, they go into the tree 1.
 Holes are  a bit tight, be careful when inserting.

The other end of patform A rest nicely on tree 2 platfoms end sticks.
Note, tree has wrong number in this picture, it is supposed to be tree 2.

Good, you have now got first platform in place.

Repeat the step platform B which goes between Treess 2 and 3.

And the last platform C goes between trees 3 and 4.

Your are done. Place the Ewoks on platforms and play.


  1. Very cool. Useful for other genres as well!

  2. Thanks, these intructions are for my Club members using the set when I am not available :)