Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Nopat at HS Video

Our Hoth gaming table was in Helsingin Sanomat Nyt.fi article. Couple years ago Marko build Mos Eisley gaming table. After seeing and playing with it, I was totally hooked and I found soon myself ordering a ton of used Star Wars Miniatures gamefigures from USA and UK. Somehow for the Model expo 2015 we had planned a small Hoth display table to promote the club. I am pretty sure it was once again Marko's idea, and I said no problem. I have enough figures and had a great white wallpaper cloth for the Model Expo table.

After seeing our table in Model Expo the Hoth-Con organiser Headhunder store owner contacted us. He presented the idea for a Star Wars themed con, never seen one in Finland. Sounds fun, we said with Marko unanimously, our Club will help. For the Hoth-Con we needed a bigger table and I was ready to assist Marko. Well, must say Marko did all the work for Hoth-Con. He planned the game based on the small table we had in Model Expo, found the Fubar rules, build the scenery and GM´ed. I provided most of the Imperial and rebel infantry figures and half of the walkers for the Hoth game.

While Marko was GM'ing, I presented our Club in the next Endor table, which also gathered lot of attention. Months before the Con Marko consentrated on getting the Hoth table ready, similarly I spent several evenings to build the Endor. My idea was to built something that would really catch an eye. And naturally my 200 Ewoks needed a home. I got Endor ready in October. Just in time for Suuri Snadi event where it is was setup for the first time on Display.

Big hat for Marko to demoing 5 hours pretty much without any breaks. Many thanks for Ukko and his boy's for playing throughout the whole event. Fun seeing a kid saying I have never before played 5 hours.. True next generation gamers in the making. Thanks for also Juha and Antti helping in the Con. I don't think we have ever before handed out so many Club flyers.

HS Nyt.fi : Hoth-Con article with video

It was also fun to have a short chat with Paleface. He used to live next to my best friend Make when I was a kid in Hämeenlinna and his brother was in my class at school. Back in the day he also played roleplaying games, though our gaming groups never met. But I had not seen him in 20 years, so I doubt he remembered me :)

Ps. Stay tuned there might be a next con coming. You know, we have not yet played at Endor table..

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