Friday, 10 June 2016

Great Northern War - Narva

Battle of Narva with Black Powder rules was fun. Swedes pushed on but their right flank seemed to be a bit slow. Russians were able to shoot the troops on the right flank, this slowed them even more, but in the end they Swedes charged the main citadel. Amazingly Russings managed hold their groud even when Sweden eleties where throving granades. Russians had a lucky 5 x 5+ roll, which halted the Sweden's attack.

On the left flank Sweden elites pushed on even when their support units were not able to come over the walls. There elites where soon surrounded by Russian reserves. The left flank retreated in panic.

Russians to our suprice where able to hold their ground with quite small casualties. They even manger to roll 6 times in a row 6+ to get reserves. A bad day for swedes.

Thank you for the game, fun and fast!

Great Northern War - Battle of Narva

Russins are surroundind Narva

They have build a citacel which hold their main force.

Russians in positions

Behold the Russian line

Swedes plan their attack


Advancing towards the Russins walls

Swedes march under cannon fire

No hits with cannons.. due to snowstorm

Swedes attack on the left flank.

Swedish commander on the right flank does not get his
 troops to move. It is cold in the winter in deep snow.

Russian firing line

The might of Sweden

Swedes fisrt attack on left flank was pushed back.

Right flank moves ..

Russian takes rest as Swedes are so s.. l..o..w.

Finally some action on the middle.

On the left flank Sweden elites push through the walls

Gå på!

Also Sweden's right flank charges

They attack the main citadel bravely!

Russins roll succesfully 5 x 5+.. Sweden's elites are stopped.

Russians move reserves to support main citadel

On the left flank Sweden reaches the target but must fight first

Sweden elites kill the russians eventually after three rounds of fight

Russian reserves join the left flank fight

Russian reserves move behing the citadel

Sweden elite are shaken and their momentum starts to fade

On the left flank Sweden elites are killed to the last man.

Russians shoot the shaken Swedes

Russian reserves start to form counter attack by moving troops into position.

Suddenly shaken Swedes roll a blunder and attack!

Swedes manages to win more ground in the citadel

But all Sweden army is now shaken.. Their attack has ended.

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