Thursday, 28 July 2016

Poke - End Game

The weather has been perfect for being ourside and made fun friends while hanging out. I have now walked and cycled over 270 km in about ten days. Space wolf got to see ton of parks. I have colled over 125 different Pokemons (out of 146). Chilling out now.

Today it was fun to spot once again the 2889 CP Dragonite. I have seen it couple times at gyms and I have had the pleasure to meet the owner. Dude that's a high CP, but it was fairly easy to beat with my big stone Golem and Gyarados.

So far collected in total 2 741 Pokemons and 3 262 pokestops. And I believe to have enough candy to evolve into level 26.

I visited many fun places I would not have gone otherwise.

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